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Head Transplant – the Future or a Hoax?

Head Transplant – the Future or a Hoax?

Back in 2015, the news about Head Transplant was everywhere. It was all over the news, there was so much publicity going around it and then, suddenly – everything went quiet. Why is that? What happened?

Well, Dr. Sergio Canavero announced the surgery and did find a volunteer. However, his volunteer changed his mind after he found a girlfriend and fell in love. As Dr. Canavero didn’t have anything else to publish, he just went quiet.

Did the Head Transplant actually happen?

Yes. However, not on a living person but rather on a corpse. First, the experiments were done on Gerbil of the desert. One rat managed to survive to astonishing 30 days after the transplant. Most of the rats were able to regain motor skills and function normally after few days.

They said that the next step is a swap between brain-dead organ donors. The real problem here is that these stories are full of holes and there is no actual evidence anywhere they even did the experiment on a human corpse.

The volunteer for the head transplant

Could it really work?

Taking a living head and putting it on someone else’s body is still a fiction for a reason. There are series of real problems that could show up even if the person manages to stay alive. The patient would need to take extremely strong immunosupressants to avoid infections. Not only that but there’s a big chance that the head would reject the body.

Dr. Canavero never even explained how could he cut and fix the spinal cord. Even if he managed to keep the person alive, the conduit for sensation, pain and the rest might never function properly.

Another issue that worries other professionals in this area is the mental aspect of it. Would your sensations go wild? How would your brain react? There is a great chance that person could go completely mad.

It is still almost impossible to repair a broken spinal cord, let alone connect it to another body. That problem is not something that can be easily overlooked. There are some things worse than death and this might just be it.

Imagine waking up with no control over your body and your mind going absolutely crazy. Panic attacks, hallucinations and psychosis are just a few on the list of things that could happen when this patient wakes up. If someone feel that reactions we recommend us visit Integria Psicología in Spain, one of the best clinic in Europe.


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