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Hitman 3 – Review and Walkthrough

Hitman 3 – Review and Walkthrough

The Hitman franchise has been putting a lot on level design masterclass since they rebooted the franchise, introducing the new Hitman 3. Each level is designed to be explored, understood and it’s impossible to see everything in a single playthrough.

What’s new?

At first, Hitman 3 seems to be just like the previous version. There seem to be no drastic changes from the original plot, only adding a few graphical upgrades and quality-of-life improvements. However, the Hitman 3 improves on the World of Assassination through excellent level design.

Hitman 3 is filled with fun and fascinating ideas. Many of them play with the concepts of underpinning the last four years of the levels. Players usually spent a lot of time mastering settings and systems.

For that reason, IO brought in some curveballs which require assassin skills and knowledge in challenging new ways. In Hitman 3, all the stealth mechanics and enemy AI remain the same. Understanding the underlying systems of the game is essential to know how it works.

In every location of the game, the player’s goal will be to find a way to eliminate the assassination targets and then escape the level without being discovered. Mostly the task is about knocking out the enemies, hiding their bodies and taking their clothes.

Hitman 3 is all about stealth

While sneaking in throughout levels, your goal is to uncover the information that will help you to get closer to your targets. To eliminate them, you can choose shooting them or strangling them with a garrote. There are also options like exposing an electrical wire in a puddle and then turning a nearby switch.

The fewer people you kill on the way and stealthier you are, the better the score. This time you’ll need to be really creative to master the level and unlock additional starting locations.

Unlike previous Hitman games, part 3 fits into the overall story that IO is telling. In past, Hitman was a mostly standalone chapter in the tale of assassin agent 47. This time, Agent 47 is fully involved in the battle against Providence after the events of Hitman 2.

For that reason, missions have an even bigger impact and targets are more interesting. All characters you eliminate have consequences for the story. Watch the short gameplay to get a better picture.


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