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Horror locations from which even the bravest run away

Horror locations from which even the bravest run away

Horror locations in Germany will not leave anyone indifferent. In other words, some places will freeze the blood in your veins. Even though these may not be a location for the faint of heart, it’s still worth a look. For many reasons, sometimes certain places remain forgotten. As time goes on so many buildings fall into disrepair. Also, these are most often castles, prisons.

As well as numerous infamous places. In conclusion, there are many such places in Germany. But that does not mean you should not go there. For example, a prison that was under the control of the Stasi secret service. In other words the place of fear and horror. Furthermore, the prisoners had to build 60 cells without windows. Those cells only had a bed and a wooden bucket.

Berlin-Hohenschönhausen Memorial

Hohenschönhausen is a reminder of the former horrors to which prisoners were exposed. During the Cold War, the Stasi secret service carried out horror. About 20,000 inmates passed through the prison. However today this place serves as a memorial center.

Horror locations in Germany – Kirchlengern

Nearby Osnabrück is the mystical Kirchlengern forest. However many people spend time here. Even though many claim the place is strange, many still come to nature to get away from everyday life. It is disturbing how animals often disappear. Furthermore the second day the only thing they found were bloody remains of animals.

Peacock Island

Pfaueninsel is a historic park southwest of the city. Although it is a picturesque architecture, this place also has a dark side. Many speculate Johann Kunckel still wanders the spaces like a black figure with red eyes. Furthermore, this famous alchemist experimented with black magic.

Horror locations – Waldniel Hostert School

One of the scariest places is Waldniel Hostert School. Where Nazis killed children with mental disabilities. Furthermore, this place is a witness to some of the most horrific crimes of World War II. In other words a large complex of buildings where children were kept before they were killed. Lately, many saw them wander around the school premises.


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