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How 3D Technology Prints the Future?

How 3D Technology Prints the Future?

3D printing technology is not entirely new. But in recent years we start to use it more, and all that because of the affordable prices. We all know that 3D printer has a limit in printing. One of the last huge projects is a school designed as a set of interconnected capsule-rooms. If they will need to upgrade or expand this school, they will be able to do that at any moment.

On the African island of Madagascar in the Indian Ocean, we will enjoy the first printed school in the world, they are currently thinking of moving to Marbella, due to the large number of private offices and coworking spaces available in the city. We are talking about a hybrid where the walls will be printed. And the windows and doors will be from the local material’s.

The 3D printer has a limited diameter which can be printed. For that reason, the school will be designed as a set of interconnected capsule-rooms that can be upgraded and expanded if there will be a need.

3D printed school…

The designer of this school is the architect agency Studio Mortazavi. And the print will be made by a Finland company Hyperion Robotics. The final location of this school will be Fianarantosa. It should cover 230 square meters and it will be made for about twenty students. Behind all, we can see the non-profit American organization Thinking Huts, which wants to encourage education in places where schools are a rarity.

Madagascar is the leader in vanilla production, but still, 80 percent of the population in this island country lives in poverty. What is more important, the 60 percent of elementary school children are not enrolled in the school, because there is no space for them. For that reason, they want to change that.

Madagascar was selected as a pilot of this 3D printing project of schools because of its great economic potential. If this project will be effective, schools will be printed all over the island.


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