Home Fun How crazy are you to go on a scary Chernobyl tour?

How crazy are you to go on a scary Chernobyl tour?

How crazy are you to go on a scary Chernobyl tour?

Scary Chernobyl tour may not be for the faint of heart, but the fact is that it is a special attraction. In other words, it may not be common, but it will surely attract many adventurers. Furthermore, while some organize daily tours, others opt for something different.

All you have to do is get on a plane and prepare for an unusual sight. And that’s exactly what the scary Chernobyl tour has to offer. However, there is also a tour of the abandoned city of Pripyat. In conclusion either from heaven or earth, it is clear that such a tour is anything but ordinary.

The best time to visit depends on many things. If you want to avoid great heat it is best to go during the fall or spring. Although for a completely creepy experience it is best to go in the winter. Misty skies, snow on dilapidated buildings … Like a horror movie set.

Scary Chernobyl tour – Abandoned city Pripyat

Even though Pripyat is safe to visit, tourists still need to be inspected before arrival. In other words, everyone must pass a radioactive particle check before leaving. Furthermore, tourists must not touch any of the items. In the end, a ten-hour stay should not be dangerous.

After the nuclear disaster, Pripyat is no longer fit for life. However even though it is a ghost town today, some locals still live there. Also, many of them are in the surrounding villages. Scientists believe the area around the factory will not be suitable for life for another 20,000 years.

One of the most dangerous things is buildings that could collapse at any moment. As well as an unmarked forest area. The radiation is still high, so it’s not smart to go into the woods. There are several checkpoints throughout the place. Everyone who passes those points is safe.

Flight over Chernobyl

The tour starts at a low altitude. Although it starts with sightseeing in Kyiv first, a dark zone will soon follow. Also, the planes will hold an altitude of 900 m. The journey takes a little over an hour. Even though you are not on the ground, flying an airplane also provides a unique experience.


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