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How did Jenifer Lopez Get Her Nickname?

How did Jenifer Lopez Get Her Nickname?

American actress and singer Jenifer Lopez is also known as a J.Lo. This nickname she loves to use, specifically on social media. Since ancient times, Jennifer Lopez has been burning and glowing with her looks, music videos, songs, and voice. But, before 21 years ago, then the 30-year-old singer named her second studio album J.Lo. Finally, we manage to find out who gave her this sweet nickname. Because this nickname is made from the letters of her first and last name.

Announcing her new release, Jenifer Lopez revealed that her nickname was made by the rapper Heavy D. At that time she decided the switch from acting to singing. For that reason, the name J.Lo comes from the Heavy D. At that time he came into the studio when she made her first album, and he never calls her Jenifer Lopez. However, he likes to call her Jenny-Lo, Jennifer-Lo, or J.Lo.

Jenifer Lopez or J.Lo?

After that, when she worked on her second album, she decided to call him J.Lo. She believes that from that time this nickname becomes so popular. Actress Judy Greer, who starred with Lopez in the 2001 romantic comedy ‘Wedding from the Clear Sky’, also shared her memories of the famous nickname.

At that time, everyone on the set calls her Jen-Lo. No one didn’t call her J.Lo. Judy Greer likes to think that everything started there, in a studio in Glendale, California. Unfortunately, he is sure that this is not the case, but he likes to pretend that she was there at the very beginning.

All in all, today when we say J.Lo, we know who she is. We know her as a singer, but also as an actress, producer, mom, and fashion designer. She has acted in 36 films, 17 series, has eight studio albums, and many singles. Needless to say, she has a horde of fans behind her who follow her every move.


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