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How I Met Your Mother is Coming Back!

How I Met Your Mother is Coming Back!

We all remember the TV show How I Met Your Mother. And now this series will come back, but now it will be called How I Met Your Father. This TV show will be produced by Hulu. As can we find out Hilary Duff will play the role of Sophie’s mother. The main concept of this sequel is that Sophie will tell her son how she met his father.

The plot of this series will begin in 2021. Accordingly, to some information in the first scene, we will see Sophie talking to friends about how to fall in love. Basically, she will try to explain how to find the ideal partner in the time when apps like Tinder are used for dating.

In one interview Hilary Duff said that from the beginning of his career she is lucky to get great roles. Now she can’t wait to take the role of Sophie. Not to mention that she is a big fan of this show. And now she is happy because she will have a chance to enjoy the filming of the new sequel.

By the way, we can enjoy the series How I Met Your Mother from 2005 to 2014. Still, we don’t know how the sequel will connect with the first nine seasons. How I Met Your Mother was nominated for 28 Emmy Award, but they only manage to won only nine of them. During all these seasons we can see some famous celebrities in the show. For example, in two of the episodes, we can see Britney Spears, in one episode Katy Perry, Heidi Klum. For the music fans, it’s good to know that in a couple of episodes we can see Enrique Iglesias. All in all fans of this show can be very happy because they will once again enjoy their favorite TV show.


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