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How Russian’s drink vodka?

How Russian’s drink vodka?

Russian people love to drink vodka and they drink it a lot. Some of them like to drink vodka in the combination with beer, while some of them just a clear vodka. With vodka, they eat small bites which they eat after a glass of vodka.

Every Russian can’t imagine a life without vodka. In Russia vodka has special status. You can drink vodka in every part of the world, but in Russia, this is something different. They have habits that are unique only for them.

Vodka needs to be cold, but glasses too. Specifically, if you want to drink them in the same way as Russian people. Like this, you will drink it more easily. It’s important to drink it from the small glasses and on the table, you will need to have something salty, even if we talk about bread.

Vodka is drunk on ex, and after every glass, you need to eat a new bite of food. If you don’t want to eat anymore you can just smell bread. This is their cultural ritual. Of course, is better to eat something when you are drinking. With vodka in Russia, you can find a toast with butter, haring, or caviar.

Drink vodka and enjoy yourself with your friends

According to etiquette, you shouldn’t wait for someone to offer you snacks, but you need to take what is offered from the table. According to the one story, they discover American spy’s because they didn’t eat anything. They just drink vodka one after another. This is not the case in Russia.

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Sharing food and drink is the Russian way of showing togetherness. So vodka is like social glue, together with a toast. One of them is Poyekhali! By this everyone is remembering Yuri Gagarin, before he went into space in 1961.

If you want to be able to drink, but not get drunk so bad, that you don’t know about yourself, you will need to eat concretely and fatty. Accordingly to some information is good to drink olive oil or eat a raw egg before drinking. If you aren’t afraid of salmonellae. But still, you will need to know when to stop and not overdrink because then you haven’t done anything.

Mostly you will drink pure vodka, but there are some exceptions like cocktails or beer. Beer with vodka is called yorsh. One of the rules you need to follow if you drink in Russia is to never pour vodka only to yourself. Don’t forget other people’s glass. And what’s about a hangover? Well, supposedly the best thing is pickle liquid.


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