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How South Park Started? Find out the History

How South Park Started? Find out the History

How South Park Started? You don’t know? It’s time for you to find out. You are most likely already familiar with the characters and the show itself. So, you know who is Stan and Kyle. Well, everything started with those two characters.

Who south park characters are based on? Trey Parker (Stan) was born in Colorado in 1969, to parent Sharon and Randy. Matt Stone (Kyle) was born two years later, in Texas to parents Gerard and Sheila. The two quickly became friends and started making short films in their classic paper cutouts style.

The two later created ‘An Avenging Conscience Film’ in collaboration with two other students. They created a short film ‘Jesus versus Frosty’ which was the first step towards their classic show of South Park.

It was the first time featuring Kyle, Stan, Cartman and Kenny. So, yeah, Jesus was one of the first characters they’ve put on the show, along with the group of boys. Santa also appeared and Wendy Testaburger came in the second episode when they found someone to cover the female voices in the show.

They caught the eye of producers and went on to make pilot episodes. First, they tried with Mr Hankey, which was immediately rejected, then they made ‘Cartman gets an anal probe’. Surprisingly, that was rejected as well.

How South Park Started – Comedy Central Approved

They made it from the third try when they made a Beefcake episode and Comedy Central finally approved their show. At first, the ratings were low but it soon got so successful that Matt Stone and Trey Parker started working on a film – only six months from the first aired episode!

However, they were in a long battle over the film as they didn’t have full control of what they were making. The movie was still a success and they even got the Oscar nomination for the song ‘Blame Canada’. Matt and Trey celebrated by coming to the Oscars in fancy dresses, tripping on LSD.

Despite the tragedy and setback when actress Mary Kay Bergman committed suicide. She was covering the most female voices in the South Park show. They soon found a replacement but there were many characters from many shows who lost their voice when she was gone. Mary was also a huge fan of South Park and she said she loves how they just make fun of everything and everybody. A ‘liberating humour’, she said.


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