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How Well You Know The Royal Family? Quiz

How Well You Know The Royal Family? Quiz

How well you know the members of the Royal family? Test your knowledge and see are you a real fan or not!

1. What is the full name of Queen Elizabeth?


2. What was the name of Queen Elizabeth’s parents?


3. Queen’s husband, Prince Phillip was born as…


4. In which family was Princess Diana born?


5. Queen’s oldest Grandchild is…


6. On her last travel for charity, Princess Diana has visited…


7. Children of Queen’s son, Prince Edward are;


8. What is the full name of Prince Harry?



9. Which job Princess Diana had before her marriage to Prince Charles?


10. When did Kate Middleton marry Prince William?


You think that you know the Royal Family? Test your knowledge!

Did you know that Queen sets the tone at dinner? Eating can be a bit of a race to guests. Everyone has to put down their knives and forks as soon as the monarch stops eating. Sure, royal dinners are pretty lavish. However, if you don’t want to end up hungry, you better keep up.

Royals also make money for themselves – they’re not dependent solely on the taxpayer. They have multiple sources of income. Their primary income comes from the Duchy of Lancaster which is a portfolio of multiple residential, commercial and agricultural properties.

Royals actually have a lot of property, from royal palaces to farming, agriculture, forestry to parkland. They also have many commercial and residential properties as well. That’s not all as they also own minerals such as gold and silver. Of course, that’s not all as the royal family has made sure to secure themselves.

Did you know that Queen invented a new breed of dog?

You probably know she loves corgis but that’s not the breed she invented. She actually created a mixed-breed dog named Dorgi. Dorgi is a mix of Dachshund and Corgi, which is a result of love between two of her dogs. It was an accident but soon became a beloved breed thanks to their friendliness and loyalty.

Do you want to get to the Throne? Bad News

There is no point in planning to marry a royal to get to the Throne. Nobody who marries a royal can become a monarch. It always stays in the family and only the blood relatives can be Queens and Kings. Their husbands or wives will be only queen or king-consort.

Did you know that Queen doesn’t need a passport to travel? She can go abroad without a passport, as all British passports are issued in her name. It would be ridiculous for her to issue a passport for herself. However, everyone else in the family needs a passport. She is one of few people in the world who don’t need a passport to travel.

The family is also forbidden from playing monopoly. It sounds bizarre but like every family, they are not immune to arguments. Back in 2008, Duke of York revealed that the game traditionally played Christmas became too vicious. So, they had to ban it from the household.

Do you know more fun facts about the Royal Family? It’s time to test your knowledge to find out how much you really know about them.


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