Home Fun Human Dust at Disneyland and Many Other Disneyland Facts

Human Dust at Disneyland and Many Other Disneyland Facts

Human Dust at Disneyland and Many Other Disneyland Facts

Disneyland is certainly one of those places where you can experience real magic. It is still one of the most famous and popular theme parks in the world. We bring you some not-so-well-known Disneyland facts. The first Disneyland ever created was in the small town of Anaheim in the state of California. Until today this is the most famous Disneyland in the world. The most famous Disneyland hides numerous secrets and stories that are carefully hidden from visitors.

1. Underground tunnels

Have you ever ask yourself how Princess Belle from ‘Beauty and the Beast’ manages to move from one part of Disneyland to another one in just a few minutes? Belle, like many other Disney characters, takes advantage of the underground tunnels that stretch throughout the complex. All park employers use those tunnels. Tunnels are also used to carry a lot of equipment and props.

2. Mount Flash

Over the years, Disneyland visitors have become creative when it comes to automatic photography when falling from Mount Splash. The reason why Mount Splash is famous is that it reveals breasts to many visitors. As the mutual prank became more interesting to visitors than the mountain itself, Disneyland employees devised a special technique for filtering inappropriate photos to avoid shots of bare breasts and other inconveniences.

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3. Human dust at Disneyland as one of the most interesting Disneyland Facts

This fact is a bit bizarre, but at the same time very common in the world of Disneyland. Huge fans of this theme park often have the desire to have their ashes spilled right here. Of course, it is impossible to get permission for such a thing. But people like to use illegal methods.

4. Disneyland facts: Mouse hunters

When Disneyland closes its doors at the end of the day, then Disneyland employees start to clean everything. When it comes to rodent control, instead of Disneyland employees, cats are in charge. If you see more than one stray cat during your visit to Disneyland, they are certainly doing their job. For sure, this is one of the interesting Disneyland facts.

5. Walt’s cottage in the park

When the first Disneyland was built, Walt wanted to spend as much free time as possible in his theme park, which sometimes included spending the night. Disney, therefore, decided to make a cottage inside the park where he could stay. This cottage presents the firehouse as the eternal theme of Walt’s hideout. Even today, in Disneyland, you can find Walt’s cottage.

6. Forced perspective

Due to the limited space at Disneyland, as well as building regulations, the park’s designers need to use creative ideas to make Disneyland bigger than it is. For example, the Sleeping Beauty Castle is only 77 meters high, although it has the opposite effect on the visitor.

7. Work at Disneyland

Disneyland has gained a reputation as the strictest employer in the world. If you want to work in the park, you must strictly follow the rules and regulations. For example, employees come to work in civilian clothes, and in the part, they change their clothes in the park. 

Human Dust at Disneyland and Many Other Disneyland Facts

8. Disneyland facts: Disney VIP

The only Disney theme park where you can consume alcohol is located in California. You can drink alcohol only if you are a member of Club 33. Club 33 so far has 500 members, including the famous Tom Hanks. To become a member of this club, you will need to wait at least 10 years. When you finally get into this club you will need to set aside $ 25,000 for the enrollment fee, and once a year you will give $ 10,000 for the club’s expenses.

9. Basketball court on the mountain

According to the Disney Channel Show ‘Inside Out’, at the top of the Matterhorn, you can find space which is looking like an attic. But actually, this is a basketball court. In reality, this space is intended for workers to rest during breaks. All in all, we can enjoy in many interesting Disneyland facts.


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