Home Lifestyle I Ate Like Royals For a Week – Here’s What Happened

I Ate Like Royals For a Week – Here’s What Happened

I Ate Like Royals For a Week – Here’s What Happened

British Royals are very fit and they seem to be in great health. So, why not and follow their diet? I Ate Like Royals For a Week to find out how will that affect my body. Find out the results!

Eating like a Queen

When I Ate Like Royals For a Week, I discovered that Queen starts her day with a cup of strong Earl Grey tea. No milk or sugar in it, just plain tea. The breakfast is also surprisingly ordinary – just cereal with fresh berries.

Sometimes, she has scrambled eggs with smoked salmon. She always has brown eggs, because she thinks that brown eggs taste better than white ones. Toast with jam is also among her favourite choices, but the jam is always homemade from berries that grow at her vacation place.

Queen likes to drink gin and Dubonnet cocktail before lunch, which is something simple like grilled fish or chicken with veggies. She never eats starches on an ordinary day at home so there’s never pasta, rice or potatoes.

She always has a glass of champagne with lunch and another with dinner. Then, she has a third at the end of the evening.

With her afternoon tea, Queen has sandwiches or cake. Her favourite is eggs, mayo, smoked salmon, tuna, cucumbers and ham with mustard. For cakes, she always chooses chocolate. For dinner, she had meat with vegetables, except Sundays, when she enjoys a roast dinner with Yorkshire pudding.

After I Ate Like Royals For a Week – Results

If I had an opportunity and resources to eat like this every day, I definitely would. Her diet is planned several days in advance and people just bring everything to her. The meals form fresh and local vegetables are a perfect connection with grilled meat.

However, when you don’t have all that staff doing it for you, it’s difficult to prepare all those meals multiple times a day. All those vegetables need to be bought, cleaned, sliced and then prepared. It could be easier to prepare them a few days in advance and keep them all sliced and ready to go. Even if you had half-prepared veggies, it still takes a lot of time to do everything else.

The amount of vegetables Queen eats is abundant and it was great to wake up call. My vegetable intake wasn’t that great and I even went a few days without eating a single vegetable. It was hard to keep up at first but I feel the benefits of it.

I might be looking silly while taking plastic lunch boxes to work but I really turned around my diet. Instead of candy bars, I eat sandwiches that contain more healthy ingredients. It’s much better than the habits I previously had. If Queen can appear to be in excellent health at 93, then she must be doing something right.


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