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I saw Meghan at the supermarket

I saw Meghan at the supermarket

Prince Harry was a guest in the one podcast of Armchair Expert-led by Hollywood actor Dax Shepard. Now, he discovered some unknown details from his private life. During this conversation, he explains how he meet Meghan Markle. About life in the royal family. Basically, he compared his life with Truman Burbank’s life. His life is followed since birth.

The first time when Meghan came to London, they meet in the supermarket. We pretended not to know each other, we sent messages to each other. Everyone around him watched what he is doing, they gave him strange looks, came to greet him. He had a cap on his head, and he staring at the floor and trying to be inconspicuous. It’s amazing how many chewing gums are there on the floor. He never felt integrated into the royal family.

But that was his job. You just need to put a smile on your face and move forward. In his 20s he thinks a lot about his place in the royal family. He didn’t want all that. Not to mention that he was afraid to have the same destiny as princess Diana. Meghan encouraged Harry to seek the help of a psychotherapist because he was constantly angry about media interference in his life.

Therapy helps him a lot. He even starts a sports event Invictus Games, because he wants to help everyone. For him, one thing is clear, even Prince Charles suffered from the methods of Prince Philip and Queen Elizabeth. In the same way, as they act, he acts to Harry.

Harry will give his best to be different from his dad because he survived some ugly things. And he doesn’t want that his children survive the same thing.


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