Check the 15 Celebrities Who Aged beautifully. Some of these are really going to shock you – especially when you find out the number they’ve reached. Get ready!

Celebrities Who Aged Well; Lucy Liu – 52

You might remember the young version of Lucy Liu from Tarantino’s movies. Do you see any difference now? Exactly, like she doesn’t know what time is.

Justin Hartley – 44

In 44th year and still looking this good!

Michelle Pfeiffer – 62

Amazing! 62 years old!

Alyson Hannigan – 46

Lilly from ‘How I met your mother’ is now 46. Can you believe it?

Mariah Carey – 50

Mariah doesn’t seem like she moved on from 30.

Pharrell Williams – 47

Pharrell is still looking like a young man. Wonder what his skincare routine is?

Ellen DeGeneres – 63

This is definitely the shocking one. First of all, when did Ellen turn 63? Years are going by so fast.

Lori Loughlin – 56

Celebrities Who Aged

She looks great, despite her prison time and everything…

Keanu Reeves – 56

We all know that Keanu Reeves is immortal. So, it’s no wonder he doesn’t age.

Johnny Depp – 57

Celebrities Who Aged

He does show some wrinkles here and there and you can see he is getting older. However, he pulls it off!

Celebrities Who Aged Well; Christie Brinkley – 67

Can you believe this person is 67????

Gabrielle Union – 48

Celebrities Who Aged

I think someone got it wrong, she must be 18 – not 48.

Gwen Stefani – 51

From the first day she stepped on the scene, Gwen still looks the same.

Sandra Bullock – 56

Sandra Bullock – one of the biggest stars in 90’s and 2000’s. Can you believe she is 56? She doesn’t look a day older.

No.01. of all Celebrities Who Aged Well; Jennifer Lopez – 51

Celebrities Who Aged

Jennifer is probably the first person we are all jelly of. I mean, how she does it? What is her secret? She looks better now than she did in her 20s. From all Celebrities Who Aged Well, J Lo is definitely the no.01.