There are a lot of rules when it comes to co-existing with this famous family. Sometimes, it can be overwhelming, but if you love the job – you gotta do it.

1 Always Look Good

That means their staff members always have to be on point when it comes to their appearance. This was always the rule when it comes to their Dash Boutique. So, you can’t just come running to work with a ponytail and regular T-shirt. Oh no, clothes and makeup have to be perfect.

2 Take the Blame

If something goes wrong, they need someone to put the blame on. Of course, it will always be the staff member. When the plane is late, the car doesn’t show up or something else goes wrong – it’s always the fault of an assistant.

3 Kardashian Staff Members can’t Procrastinate

For a change, this is something good the former assistant of the Kardashian family picked up from Kris. She told that she learned how not to procrastinate and that is the best thing for success.

4 Kardashian Staff Members can’t have Private Life

They simply just have no time for anything else. The staff members are so busy they just don’t have time for love life, dating or just having any kind of personal life. Now that’s pressure!

5 Do Things that are Not Your Job

Kardashians have a ton of work that needs to be done around the house. Not only that, but taking care of the pets, kids and stuff like that is usually on this list as well. However, that’s mostly done by the same person. Taking care of their pets is done by their assistants, nannies or housekeepers.

With that, their housekeepers sometimes do unusual tasks not related to their job. For example, Kylie’s housekeeper is usually using her arm to try out her makeup and take a picture for social media. One time, Kim had her assistants rub sand onto her bottom for a picture.