Whenever Amy Winehouse gets drunk, her friend would leave because he didn’t want that she thinks that he is supporting her. He would leave her, and in two or three days she would call him and say to him to come home. And he will do that. The best friend of Amy Winehouse remembered that he had a huge fight with a talented but problematic singer just a couple of days before her death. That was 10 years ago.

Tyler James meet Amy when he was 13-years-old. But in the last interview, he said that many times he had had enough of Amy’s alcoholism. And he leaves many times her home which they shared in the last years of her life.

Every time she gets drunk, he will leave because he didn’t want that she thinks that he supports her. But in a short time, he will get back home, because Amy would call him back. When James left one day in July 2010, he had no idea he would never see Winehouse again.

Amy Winehouse should stop drinking

They had a very bad fight because the doctor tells her if she continues to drink, she will die. In the last three years of her life, Amy only drinks alcohol, without any other substances. After he came back home, he saw the ambulance in front of the house. Winehouse was found dead in her bed. She was only 27 years old, and the cause of her death was alcohol poisoning.

After her death, we can see truly the circus in front of her house. James likes to say that he was her only friend during all this hard period. And still, he didn’t recover from the grief that had come with her death. Amy was his soulmate. Two halves of the same person. He never thinks about his life without her. She was his best friend.