In June 2002, just 9 months after the wedding, Jennifer Lopez announced she was divorcing from her second husband, Cris Judd. The Latino diva and dancer got married in front of 170 guests at a romantic ceremony held at a private California residence. As a reason for divorce, Jennifer said it was a difference in the claim. But the main reason for the collapse of the marriage was actually Ben Affleck. She cheated on Cris.

However, just a few months after the wedding to Cris, Jenifer starts to work on the movie “Gigli” where she was acting with Affleck. Jenifer and Ben become too close on the set. Al this lead to divorcing. However, Jenifer said that she wants to divorce in the May of 2002. Despite all this, in the Oprah Winfrey Show in the same month, she said that she is very happy in her marriage to Cris. But this was only an attempt to cover up the truth that came to light when Jennifer sought a divorce. After a short time, she stopped hiding her relationship with Affleck. We need to mention that in a short time she got engaged to Affleck. Finally, her divorce from Cris was finalized in 2003.

Meg Ryan cheated Russell Crowe

And while the Jenifer Lopez affair actually stayed a kind of public secret. The Meg Ryan and Russell Crowe affair have filled the media columns for months. The sparks between the American actress and the Australian actor began to fly at the beginning of 2000. Both of them act in the action thriller “Proof of Life”. However, at that time, Meg was married to actor Dennis Quaid. In June 2000, it was announced that Meg and Denis were divorcing. And at the end of the year, the actress broke off her relationship with Russell. Although the media wrote that Russell ruined her marriage, she later stood in his defense. As she said, Russell didn’t cause the breakup of her marriage.

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