Kim Kardashian wearing Diapers – Yes, you read that right! She really did that in one opportunity and shared all about the experience in one episode of ‘keeping up with kardashians’.

This was actually a part of her journey to become a serious lawyer. In the final season of the show’s premiere, Kim shared how she took the ‘baby bar’ exam in California while being in quarantine at home. She already went through one year of intense studies to start her career in law.

Why was Kim Kardashian wearing Diapers?

The rule of the test was that if you get up, you automatically fail. She wasn’t even allowed to look anywhere around the room as it was considered cheating. That means, no bathroom breaks!

For that reason, Kim decided to prepare herself for everything. She bought a package of adult diapers in case she needed to pee during the exam. Luckily, it turned out that the diapers weren’t needed but it’s good to be prepared for everything!

For taking the exam, software needed to be installed on her computer. She needed to be in an empty room and couldn’t look around as it was also considered cheating. Kim also revealed that she wasn’t above peeing in her seat while wearing the diapers.

However, she managed to pull through the test. She was really nervous about peeing in her chair. So, wearing the diapers made her feel safe in case she needed to go.

The ‘baby bar’ is the first-year law test, which is a one-day version of the routine bar exam which is done in June and November in California. Despite Kim wasn’t enrolled in the formal law school before the exam, she was studying law through apprenticeship, hoping to complete the bar exam in 2022.

Kim also shared that it took her 10 hours a day of studying to prepare for this test.