Coming out on a cover of Rolling Stone magazine is a big deal, especially for Lizzo. However, it turns out that she’s been the star we’ve all been waiting for.

Changing the image of women in music, testing the limits and singing what we all think and feel – she went viral in no time. All eyes are now on Lizzo and she even got support from some well-known artists like Rihanna and Beyonce.

Lizzo has contagious positivity

She probably became such a hit because of her incredible personality and endless positivity. Lizzo stepped on the scene where the most important thing was women’s looks. She has shown her real image without shame for being who she is.

Despite all trolls who tried to put her down for her race, weight and sexuality, she didn’t let them get to her. Her fight against violence against women and black people caught the attention of the public and many like-minded people.

After her first success, Lizzo moved to a bigger home where she has a recording studio. Now, she is her own engineer and producer. Her confidence is sending a different vibe to all who are struggling with their body image.

Her reaction to criticism

Lizzo is known for taking the critics pretty well and that’s a part of the reason why she became so popular. For example, one paradox happened when she posted that she is on a 10-day smoothie cleanse after eating a lot of junk food and drinking.

At first, people and media attacked her for promoting flash weight loss while weeks before, she was criticised for promoting obesity. She said that normally, she is afraid and ashamed to show that she is eating healthy or doing a cleanse.

“I feel that, like a big girl, people will expect you to do a dramatic weight loss if you tell that you’re doing something for your health.” She also added that media has a double standard that only exists for people who have larger bodies.

Ridiculously, she was also accused of ‘making music for white people. She just added that she is making her music for everyone who wants to listen.

Despite being one of the most criticized artists, her positivity stayed strong. Lizzo didn’t let herself get distracted by racist or fat-shaming comments. She just kept going – and she is doing an amazing job!