Three days before their wedding they get marriage. But no one knows this. They want to have the intimacy ceremony for themselves. And a big royal wedding was just a ceremony for the world. Now they are waiting for a girl, said Meghan and Harry in one interview.

Meghan didn’t google about family

As we mentioned already, three days before a big ceremony they called the archbishop and they said that they want a private ceremony. Something just for them. And in the beginning, Meghan didn’t know a lot about the royal family, because she didn’t look for information about them. Everything looks like a fairy tale, but the truth is a little bit different. She meets the queen by accident. She was on lunch with Harry, and the queen was just over with one of the ceremonies. At that moment she got the opportunity to meet his grandma.

We all remember the titles in the English media after Meghan came into the royal family. At one moment everyone writes that Meghan makes Kate Middelton cry. But the truth was completely different. Meghan cried. Everyone in the family and Buckingham Palace knew this, but it suited them that the public thought differently.

The royal family took her passport and driver’s license

Meghan came into the royal family as a divorced woman, actress, and the first person in the royal family who is not completely white. You expect support from your family, but she didn’t have it. It only got worse from the wedding. She becomes aware that everyone is willing to lie for other family members to protect them. On several occasions she wanted to go to lunch with friends, to hang out, but she couldn’t. The situation that spilled over the glass was when they start to talk about the color of the baby’s skin. When she married Harry, the royal family took her passport, keys, and driver’s license.

Little Archy was without the title of the prince before he was born. Meghan felt terrible, and at one point she thought about suicide. Finally, Meghan and Harry decided to confront everything. Harry saw the repeat of his mother Diana’s story. He had to do something. Although the royal family left them penniless, Princess Diana saved them. Namely, it is her legacy that helped Meghan and Harry in those moments.

Meghan and Harry are happy with their new life

Finally, they can go on the beach with the kid, or on the walk. It’s a huge difference from life in the palace. Harry said that Meghan saved their family. But on the other hand, she said that Harry helps them a lot. In the end, their life was full of secrets, and now a lot of them are out.