Dwayne Johnson actor has a lot to be happy about. Also, his films have grossed at least $ 10 billion. Furthermore for two years in a row is one of the highest-paid actors. In other words, the $ 87.5 million surpluses in 2020 say it all. Here are a few facts that will reveal more about the life of the actor. Which over time became a real institution.

Dwayne Johnson actor as a professional football player

Even though Dwayne is, first of all, an actor, he almost became a professional athlete. Furthermore, when a high school professor encouraged him to play football, he immediately stood out. But after several injuries and depression, he didn’t want to deal with the team. He played for the Calgary Stampeders for a while.

Guinness World Record for recording selfies

Dwayne Johnson actor is the best proof of multitasking. During the San Andreas premiere, he did several selfies. In other words in just three minutes with the help of 105 fans, he had a record.

Willy Wonk’s unsung role for Dwayne Johnson actor

Tim Burton initially thought Johnson would be Willy Wonka in the movie Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. But Johnson was just starting his career at the time while Johnny Depp was at the height of his fame. Although he didn’t get the role, he’s grateful to Tim for even thinking of putting him in a movie.

Dwayne Johnson actor as US President

It’s no unknown that Dwayne has been thinking about politics for a long time. Furthermore, each episode of Young Rock ends with him as a candidate for the White House. The idea of ​​being governor or president is tempting because he thinks he can do so much more. However one should never say never. If Arnold Schwarzenegger could, why not the rock.

He wanted to be a CIA agent

If nothing else the most common role for Dwayne is a justice fighter who protects others. Furthermore, he was thinking about working for the Central Intelligence Agency. But he did not have a law degree. Who knows, maybe Dwayne would be even better than Gerard Butler in Olympus has fallen.

Dwayne Johnson actor – nickname the Dewey

Can you imagine the rock, as stocky and strong as Dewey? In addition at six months old, he had a nickname that is hard to associate with this actor today. When the godmother asked her mom if his diaper is wet, she would say it is just dewy. Well, another fun fact about an actor who is becoming more popular every year.