680-Pound 13 Year Old (300 kg) died from obesity. Unlike other girls her age who would play outside, little Christina Corrigan was laying on a filthy blank, watching television all day long. She was surrounded by empty pizza boxes and wrappers of fast food. Christina was embarrassed about her weight so she didn’t want to go out in public.

Christina missed school for a year. The school district thought that girl was homeschooled at the time. At the same time, child protective services thought that the child was being treated by the doctor.

Neighbours in the apartment where the girl lived with her mother thought she was fine. They didn’t speak too often and weren’t close so they had no idea about their life. However, the girl died from congestive heart failure which was caused by obesity.

680-Pound 13 Year Old Christina lived covered with Faeces and Urine

Mother was charged with felony child abuse. The Deputy District Attorney told that this was the first case of such neglect seen with a child. They’ve seen it with elders but never a child. The case shocked everyone, not in the city but the world.

Police told that the girl’s mother, Marlene Corrigan (48) came home from the store and she just couldn’t wake her daughter. When help arrived, Christina was already dead. Investigators asked her mother if she thought that her daughter’s weight posed any danger.

Marlene said that she knew her daughter’s health was at risk but nothing seemed to work to make her lose weight. She just didn’t know what to do. She hoped that Christina will decide on her own not to eat so much.

When investigators walked into the apartment, the girl was nude under a sheet, lying on top of a blanket that was drenched with faeces and urine. There were numerous sores on her body and scars from previous ones that healed. Her hair was horrifyingly matted and the folds of her skin were full of faeces.

The carpet was saturated with food and drinks and covered with containers. Authorities stated that the girl didn’t see a doctor for at least – two years. Marlene told that her daughter was diagnosed with slow metabolism but she didn’t want to cooperate. At the time Christina died, her thighs were measuring 50 inches (127 cm) around.

Her half-brother who doesn’t live in the apartment told that Christina spent most of her time on the living room floor. As she had trouble walking because of her weight, her mother would leave food near her on the floor.