The main goals of many Chinese women are to Find a Rich Husband. This became more obvious when they started sharing their photos on Instagram at the same time. More and more people started noticing that so many Asian girls have almost identical photos.

They are in the same place, in similar or the same clothing, same car or the same food is in front of them. Quickly after, the explanation for this has been uncovered.

Training camp to Find a Rich Husband

It’s not exactly a ‘training camp’ but more a society. These women are presenting themselves as rich socialites while in reality, they are just pretending to be such. One woman decided to open a service to teach young girls how to snatch a rich husband and get the life of luxury they always wanted.

So, if these girls can’t afford any of this, how do they do it? Simply, by sharing. One room in a luxury hotel, clothing and one breakfast is sometimes shared by over 30 women at the same time. Each of them will get few photos from it for her social media.

When it comes to cars, as many as 60 girls will chip in to rent a luxury car. They share just about everything – even undergarments. These girls will go to such extreme measures – like series of plastic surgeries – just to be attractive to a future rich husband.

If you look closely at the Chinese women who married celebrities, you will notice that their faces are incredibly similar. That’s because they all have the same surgeon. As the gap between rich and poor in China is getting larger.

All that forced people to find new ways of getting out of the lowest social circle – which was made easier in today’s times. Social media celebrities have upgraded their lives thanks to their fame and some even found their rich spouses.