Although it’s a local prank, after this experience you will be able to tell the next person who sends you to Hell – “I’ve been before, and I had a great time!”. The American town of the unusual name Hell has already become famous. All this because it bravely holds the name of hell.

Accordingly to some information this town got this name in 1841. When they ask an “elder” which should be the name of this place, he said that he doesn’t care, and they can call it Hell. Even the weather conditions here match the name. Heat, swamps, mosquitoes… But that doesn’t stop visitors from coming here, at least for a photo by the board at the entrance to “Welcome to Hell”. Also, visitors can come to the restaurant called “Go to Hell” and “Hell Hole Bar”. But, this is the only thing you can visit there. This place has less than a hundred inhabitants.

In this way, you will easier rule this city. However, here, you can enjoy this position. Basically, you can become the mayor of Hell for one day or even for one hour. For $ 100 you can choose yourself or give this opportunity to someone else.

Hell is calling you!

The money you pay is used as a donation. Once you came into the town as a mayor, you will receive horns, a T-shirt, a cup, a badge, a certificate, and some souvenirs as a souvenir of the days when you ruled somewhere. But don’t think that you will not have any job to do. They will expect you to be on a service, you will answer on the phone and deal with all duties.

From Michigan, we got the information that you will need to book this position because a lot of people want to rule. So the positions fill up quickly. Before you start with some big plans, have in mind that this role is only ceremonious. Hell is not officially the city. This idea came from the self-proclaimed mayor of Hella, John Colone. He generously offered this position to others.

One man last year buy this position for two months because he wants to send symbolic messages to President Trump. This is the local prank. But if someone sends you to hell after this, you can say that you were there, and it was great. This is just another proof that anything is really possible in America.