There are not that many Amish People who leave their community. We are all wondering why, especially after we hear horror stories about their life. However, if you leave the community, your family and everyone you knew and loved will automatically abandon you. It’s a difficult decision but some are brave enough to go through this.

Emma Gingerich

Emma grew up in Amish community, called ‘Swartzentruber’. This was a very conservative group who spoke primarily German language. She said that the community is ran by people who were least educated and had absolutely no idea about the world around them. Since young age, she always wondered why they can’t use electricity and have flowing water so she never fit in.

She especially hated how Amish people dated. When girl would be old enough to marry, they would send a young boy to sleep in her room on a saturday night. Of course, they wouldn’t be allowed to do anything besides lie there. They weren’t allowed to do anything intimate before they were married.

Emma was 18 when she decided to leave and she walked 3.7 miles to the next town to use a phone. A friend of her father has given her a number to call after she confined in him that she wants to leave. She called a non-amish woman who let her stay with her family for few weeks for a start. Emma lives her life in Texas and she even got a MBA degree in business. Her family, of course, completely rejected her.

Saloma Miller

Saloma Miller said that there are two ways to leave Amish community – through life or through death. However, leaving through life wasn’t easy. Saloma said that she had no choice but to leave as staying meant taking her own life. Not only was she abused by her father but she was also abused by her older brother as well.

School was her only safe place but right after she turned 14, there was no more school for girls. Saloma had to work for her family. The only way for her to escape her home was to get married but she didn’t felt connected to anyone in the community. It all led to her escaping and even changing her name so nobody could find her.

Timothy Sauder

Timothy always wanted to be a scientist but Amish community didn’t support that desire. He even dumpster-dived for old TVs to learn more about technology. After he grew up a bit, he left the community, got a job and managed to pursue a successful career.