Where we can find the city which will disappear after two weeks. Every festival member will know the answer to this question, but it is worth repeating the material. To get the answer, we will need to go to Nevada. In the desert called the Black Rock Desert, in the western United States. This place is near the border with California, and this place is called Black Rock City.

Its roots go back to 1986 when two friends in San Francisco made a two-meter-high wooden structure of a man. They fired this structure. This attraction brings a lot of visitors, and this was the beginning of one major project. After a few years, the project got its name: Burning Man. From San Francisco, it’s moved to Nevada. Most people will describe it as a festival, but the organizers like to say that this is much more than a festival. The spectacle is focused on community, art, “radical self-expression”, responsibility, ethics, and many other things.

It can sound pretty bohemian, and it’s like that. The guests of the festival participated in various creative activities. However, the theme of the festival will change every year. You will not see paid performances and artists, almost no rules and boundaries in the physical space.

Giant installations, decorated bicycles, telephone booths that say “Talk to God”, electronic music, neon decorations that signal “traffic” in the desert dust. Thousands of participants in amazing fashion combinations with glasses and face masks as protection from dust. This is the scene you will find at the festival. The festival becomes so popular that you may have already seen it, perhaps without knowing it: it was shown in South Park, The Simpsons, Malcolm in the middle. And many other shows.

This City Festival: A bastion of freedom or a mine of money?

Whenever something is popular, we can see many popular people there. Critics don’t like the fact that at this festival we can see various influencers, and they just want to show off. At the same time, they don’t participate in the events. It’s hard to know who will come to the festival to participate in the events, or who will just show up.

The fact is that the invitation for the festival involves everyone and encourages giving. But the ticket will costs at least $ 425, while the pre-sale ones cost $ 1,400. Some come to the festival by plane and rent luxury camps, so they throw $ 20,000 into the desert dust.

How to get a ticket for this festival? It’s hard to say because tickets are sold in a short time. Basically, the tickets are sold in 35 minutes. The number of participants increased. For example, in 1991 they had 250 participants, and in 2019 we can see 79,000 participants. In future years we will probably see more participants.