There are Shocking Things Women Are Not Allowed to do in North Korea! A young woman by the name of Yeonmi Park has shared her experience and cultural shock when she escaped North Korea. Some of the things women survive there are deeply disturbing.

1 Woman Are Not Allowed To Wear Pants

There is literally fashion police that will arrest you and put you in jail because of this. This rule is sometimes broken in rural areas where women do a lot of hard work. It’s very difficult for them to work in knee-length skirts so they risk their lives to wear pants.

This rule exists only so women would appear more ‘feminine and more pleasant for men’s eyes. Nothing more.

2 Women Are Not Allowed to Ride Bikes

Women are not allowed to ride bicycles because it reminds them of something sexual and also, it’s not ‘feminine enough. Men are lucky enough to go to work much faster and do tasks more quickly as they can just hop on a bike. Not women, they can only walk.

3 Strict Laws about Name After Marriage

Women don’t have to take their husband’s name when they marry. However, the children have to take the name of the father and there is no option about it.

4 Pleasure Squad is Not Optional

If you are chosen for the ‘Pleasure Squad’, you have no choice. You have to go. Every year a certain number of young beautiful ladies are chosen to be slaves to the leader and his companions. They are then assigned to do jobs of secretary, dancers, physicians and even serving for sexual pleasure. These girls are literally taken for the amusement of the men and they have no choice when it comes to their position – and no escape.

5 Women have to be a Breadwinner

You would expect that the role of men here is then to make money and bring the food to the table. However, that’s not the case. Even if they marry a doctor, their salary is around $1 USD, which is not enough to survive. So, women have to go to black markets and figure out other ways how to feed the family.

They are also frequently raped on those black markets by the officials who visit those black markets. Of course, they can’t report it to anyone. Not only that, women have to take care of children, cook, work the fields, clean and still be perfect wives to their husbands.

6 All Work in the House is for Women

Women have to do everything in the house – even if the man doesn’t even work. If he doesn’t do anything, a woman has to work all day to make money and still manage time to cook three meals a day for her husband. Not only that but they need to do laundry, clean and take care of children.

Not only that, but cooking requires time and there are no instant meals like in America, Europe or some other countries. Every meal has to be cooked from scratch. When it comes to laundry, they need to walk to the river and wash it there, then bring it all back and dry it. Still, they are not appreciated at all.

7 Women Are Not Allowed to Eat First

Even though women have paid for the food, brought the food, cooked it and served it, they can’t start eating until the man starts. When a man stops eating, women have to do it as well.

8 Women are Sold Like Pigs in China

As many people are starving, everyone is expecting women to do something about it. So, they will go to China and sell themselves to send the money back. Some men will even forcefully sell their wives or daughters. Sometimes they are sold for marriage with Chinese men and sometimes as sex slaves. For more stories about North Korea, follow Yeonmi Park on YouTube;