Kalanggaman island Philippines, what else to say but only true beauty… Even more, it is the last blue paradise that doesn’t have a connection to mass tourism. The incredible beauty of the island with its mesmerizing blue is a real lure for all adventurers.

Turquoise sea, white sand, and peace… In other words, all those epithets that many look for when they go on a trip. Furthermore, most of these places are crowded with tourists. Instead of enjoying it, most of the year you think about how to find your place on the beach. But there are still places that are free of mass tourism. One such place is Kalanggaman island Philippines.

But to get to this place will take a lot of effort. You need to book a flight from Tacloban City or Ormoc. Furthermore, upon arrival at the airport, you should go to the bus station in Ormoc. However, when you are in Palompon go to the city office to pay the fees. In addition, Palompon is on the east side of Leyte Island.

Kalanggaman island Philippines – What makes it so special?

There are two long sandy stretches on the island that stretch far towards the sea. Even more, the island has a name that means bird. Because in some places it spreads like a wing. The morning and evening parts of the day are perfect for dolphin watching. However, during the day it is best to start exploring the surroundings by boat or on foot. There aren’t many places to buy something, so it’s best to carry most of it with you. Although it has marvelous beauty, it only recently became famous. All thanks to cruisers.

The drive from the port of Maja to the island takes 3 to 4 hours. Everyone who comes doesn’t miss the opportunity to visit the island along and across. However, divers will probably enjoy discovering the wonderful world under the sea. Furthermore, a world that is perhaps even more beautiful than the one above.

In the end, you need to come in person and see for yourself how there are still so many locations in the world that are just waiting to be discovered. But one thing always keeps in mind. Don’t forget nature and how important it is to preserve the environment. Even more, this is important because only in this way will you be able to enjoy places like this for a long time.