Meteor that killed dinosaurs is a topic that will always be part of scientific discussions. Even though there are a lot of different opinions, they all agree on one thing. And that is that something big destroyed once-dominant race. The horror point as many calls it exists. Furthermore preserves the memory of one of the most devastating events in history.

A large cloud of ash covered the sky. Even more, came a night that lasted a year. Temperatures were below zero, and over 75% of living things were wiped out. In other words, the horror that everyone hopes will never happen again. But do you know the place where the meteor hit?

During the 1980s, several archaeologists studied atelier images in Mexico. Furthermore, they observed a perfect ring about 200 km on Yucatan Peninsula. Interesting sinkholes full of clear blue water from space look like a semicircle. In other words, it resembles a large compass. The scar is the result of an asteroid impact about 12 km wide. It was this asteroid that hit the Yucatan, thanks to which we have Chicxulub crater.

Chicxulub Crater

The center of the crater is below the Yucatan Peninsula, and the center is at sea near the Chicxulub communities. As well as Chicxulub Pueblo and Chicxulub Puerto. The crater exists for more than 66 million years. However, many agree this event is a response to the extinction of a large number of living beings. As well as not a bird dinosaur.

The crater is 20 km deep and 150 km in diameter. In other words the second-largest confirmed site of a meteor impact. Glen Penfield and Antonio Camargo were the first geophysicists to come to this discovery.

Meteor that killed dinosaurs is associated with Chicxulub Crater?

Chicxulub Puerto is a place that many consider a symbol of one of the greatest natural destructions. Furthermore, many dinosaur lovers come here. In the village, there are drawings of dinosaurs. There is also a concrete bone nearby where you can learn more about extinct species.

The Science Museum is a great opportunity to learn more about events that changed the face of the earth. In conclusion, as creepy as that event was, you will surely want to know how the place where it all started looks like.