These Parents feed their babies with fried food and pizza! Not only that but babies who are barely 1 year old are given Coca-Cola to drink?

These families are working many hours and that is their excuse to feed their kids only junk food. The first family is rarely eating any vegetable and fruits and all that is available to their children are gummy bears, sweets and chips.

Luckily, their two daughters have learned to control their feeding habits but their little brother didn’t. It’s disturbing to see a little toddler drinking so much Coca-Cola from a bottle. Because of drinking six cups of Coca-Cola a day, the toddler can’t sleep. The biggest surprise is that nobody in the family is obese. However, that still doesn’t mean this is not a recipe for heart disease, anaemia and diabetes.

‘Great’ Parents Give their Kids All They Want

These parents have a pretty healthy diet and eat well with every meal. However, the problem is that their baby son refuses to eat anything healthy. Every time he refuses vegetables and cries, they give him fried food he likes. Luckily, the parents got the help later and started working on the problem.

The last example is a single mom who never cooked a meal for her kids. Her mom is very concerned with what she eats and what she’s giving her grandsons. She only eats pizza and fried foods which led to a heart attack. Luckily, her mother talked her into getting help.

However, the habits of this family will be very hard to change as all they drink are sweet, carbonated drinks. The mom already has serious health problems but for her kids, this could represent more serious issues. Young children could have serious development issues without proper nutrition and suffer serious consequences as they get older.