The Caribbean island is known for white sand and swimming in turquoise blue, but don’t think you’ll see it from a mega-expensive room. However, the scenes from Lover’s Deep are hard to forget. The most expensive accommodation in the world does not necessarily mean the most comfortable, but it needs to be unique. And indeed, if you have about $ 150,000 per night, you will experience a unique experience in St. Lucia. At this place, the overnight stay may look expensive, but it’s worth it.

In this case, we are talking about the submarine, which is the most luxurious hotel primarily intended for couples. For those who did not have enough isolation, this is the ideal place for them, in a harmonious environment of great blue, tucked away in the Caribbean Sea. Those who are afraid to sleep under the water can avoid this location. While others would give everything just to be able to experience such an experience.

The rooms are exclusively furnished, soundproofed with glass walls which gives the impression that you are in a large aquarium. In this way, you can admire the corals and wave the fish which is swimming around the submarine.

With private speedboat transport as standard, the service can be customized, which is especially practical if, for example, you want to land by helicopter on the beach. Swim in the rose petals on the bed or refresh your throat with champagne as soon as it dries.

Also, you can enjoy the amazing seafood. This food will have a pepper price, but this food will be so delicious. Not to mention that you can find many different menus with various aphrodisiacs, so whoever likes – let them choose! One thing is clear, this is an ideal place to the overnight stay.