World biggest river is one of the most dangerous natural phenomena in the world. With more than 7,050,000 square kilometers as well as 6,500 km in length it is one of the longest rivers in the world. However, whether it is the longest is still being debated. Even though the length of the Nile is 6648 km, Brazilian experts still disagree.

Furthermore continue to claim that the Amazon is 300 km longer. Larger cities nearby are Manaus and Belem. In addition, ocean-to-river vessels are transhipped in these cities. Due to the diverse flora and fauna, the central part of the Amazon is under UNESCO protection.

The Amazon River discharges about 800,000 gallons of water per hour into the Atlantic. Furthermore is so strong that it pushes ocean water more than 160 km from the shore. However when floods start the water level rises over 13 meters. Even though it is wide, there is no bridge over the river. The reason is that a large part of the river passes through the wilderness. It is home to the largest snake in the world, alligators. As well as sloths, parrots, but also much more dangerous animals.

World biggest river – Most Dangerous Amazon Animals

Bullet Ant causes the most painful sting. Even more, a sting is 30 times more painful than a honey bee sting. Their venom contains a paralyzing neurotoxin, which causes swelling. The Wandering Spider is the deadliest spider in the world. They are nocturnal creatures and seek food only at night. Furthermore, their venom causes blurred vision, breathing problems. Without a doctor, death can occur, especially in children.

The Red-Bellied Piranhas are one of Amazon’s most dangerous predators. Although attacks on people are rare, in the dry season they attack even humans. These fish have a red belly and sharp teeth. Green Anaconda grows between 6 and 9 m in length. Although they are not poisonous, they kill prey by squeezing.

Furthermore, they continue to choke until the prey stops breathing. Anaconda can swallow the whole prey. They can weigh up to 250 kg and as such is the largest non-venomous snakes in the world. Poison Dart Frog is the deadliest creature of the Amazon. In other words, they have enough poison to kill over 10 adults. Inside the skin is a dangerous poison that comes from the plants they feed on. Furthermore, the poison causes nausea, paralysis death. As well as death in the most extreme cases.