Jason Statham new movie is an action thriller by Guy Ritchie. In other words, Wrath of Man is based on the French film Cash Truck. Furthermore, this is the fourth collaboration of Jason Statham and Guy Ritchie. In the beginning, the projection plan was several countries. As well as in the United States.

Even though the earnings are over $ 80 million, it has mixed reviews. The film stars Jason Statham, Scott Eastwood, Eddie Marsan, DeObia Oparei. As well as Raúl Castillo, Chris Reilly, Laz Alonso, Jeffrey Donovan, Holt McCallany.

Wrath of Man – The Story

The story follows a mysterious character who works on transporting money. In other words in the firm responsible for moving several hundred million dollars. Patrick Hill is working for an armored truck company, Fortico Security. After receiving some praise, Hill met Bullet, who later nicknamed him H.

However one day H becomes a hostage and the kidnappers ask for two million dollars. After Dave and H meet the kidnappers H sends them off with expert shooting. Even more during a later attack on H’s truck, he gets out of the truck after tear gas is thrown into the cab. Five months before all this H is out with his son Dougie who doesn’t agree to help his father easily. The movie is full of twists and turns, as well as interesting details that make it necessary to follow each scene closely.

Jason Statham new movie – Review

In the opinion of many, the film gives a lot more than anyone expects. Furthermore shows how many rightly view Statham as the best action actor. Although the competition is fierce when it comes to action movies, Jason is at the very top. Even more, is not only convincing as an actor but chooses well his roles. In other words, he chooses movies in which he will best show why he is a badass actor.

Even though this is not a classic crime story, it manages to fulfill many ambitions. Furthermore, if you want to see a lot of action, this is the best way. Although the timeline is not entirely clear, on the other hand, it provides a good story. In conclusion, great acting, a great plot, and a handful of activities. Finally, a movie that many will enjoy!