Spiral movie 2019 is classic horror. In other words the ninth part of the Saw movie series. Darren Lynn Bousman is the director, and Peter Goldfinger and Josh Stolberg are screen players. However, the original creators of the series, Leigh Whannell and James Wan, are executive producers. Starring Samuel L. Jackson, Marisol Nichols. As well as Max Minghella, Chris Rock.

The whole story starts in 2017 when there was a talk about a new Saw movie. Furthermore, Chris Rock wanted to prove himself in a horror film. However, the project officially started in May 2019. The main question that bothers many is how much connection this film has with previous ones.

Spiral movie 2019- The story

The film follows the efforts of a police officer to find a Jigsaw copycat killer. During the Fourth July Parade, Detective Boswick chases the thief. However, someone attacks him from behind and wakes up in a subway tunnel. On detective is a message with a choice.

In other words, either to rip out his tongue or to live until the arrival of the train. However, he fails to escape in time and is run over by a train. Detective Ezekiel Banks gets a new partner William Schenk. The two investigate the detective’s death and realize that the murder is similar to the former killer Jigsaw.

New Jigsaw movie review

Director Darren Lynn Bousman brings freshness to the whole story. Even though it is a film as part of a series, the innovations are clear and also the connection with the story from 2004. However, the film may not be as creepy as the previous one, but it has a few interesting details.

If you want a movie with a lot of tense moments that will make you hide behind a blanket, then Spiral is for you. Although it is not like the first film in the series, you cant say is not scary, creepy, and tense. Furthermore imagine a combination of excitement, evil. As well as comic and mysterious. However many do not like the end of the film, but it should be left to everyone, in particular, to judge for themselves. All in all a good horror for anyone who loves this genre.