Sony makes a new system that turns any item into a game console controller. Even a banana can be a gaming controller. The innovative system would make it easier to use game consoles. Also allow more players to play, even if we don’t have enough physical controllers. Gamers are well aware that one of the consumable components of any game is controllers. Everything depends on how much someone gets in the game. Some gaming controllers can last for months and some of them just a couple of weeks.

But it looks like Sony came on a great idea. They could solve this problem and allow gamers to turn any item into a controller. According to some information, Sony has filed a patent application for technology that could turn any item into a controller for any game console.

A new system of gaming controller

The system consists of an input unit, which can receive an image of a passive, unlit object held by the user in his hands as a video game controller. According to the patent, the system also consists of an object detector and an object position detector that recognizes how and where the “controller” itself is held.

According to the description of the patent, the system appears to place “virtual buttons” on objects using the camera. All depending on the position in which the gamer holds it and uses it. This could be very good for hardened players who will not have to think anymore about where each button is on the controller but automatically press them.

On the other hand, anyone who has bought game consoles knows that the new generation of consoles forces you to buy new controllers. With this system, you could avoid that part. Players could control games of different consoles with just one gaming controller. Also, it would mean that players can play with friends more easily. They would only activate additional “virtual” controllers when is needed.