Jaguar and Land Rover are two of the most iconic brands in the automotive industry. Each of them has rocky histories, both being passed over to BMW and Ford. Ford owned Jaguar, while BMW owned Rover in the ’80s.

Being on the verge of bankruptcy, the two were bought by the Indian company, TATA Motors. The TATA group empire makes literally everything from software to food products. With Jaguar and Land Rover already in a bad situation, being owned by TATA made everything much worse.

The first thing that happened is that people have lost their trust in the brand and the market in America, Canada and Europe completely died off. Despite buying the company on verge of bankruptcy, TATA Motors managed to get things going again and really turned these vehicles into money-makers.

Still, the problem was the approach on the market – they were in the category of junk cars.

Jaguar and Land Rover – long History and Strong Reputation

Jaguar was founded in 1922, by William Lyons, a motorcycle enthusiast and engineer. His company Swallows Side Car was first producing the sidecars for motorcycles. In 1935, Lyons decided to build the S.S. which was the first car that had a Jaguar name.

Over the years, these vehicles have become extremely popular for racing as they were the first aerodynamic vehicles made for this purpose. The most famous was the E-Type made in the 1960s, which was ‘the cool car’ of that generation – something everyone wanted to have in their garage.

Land Rover, on the other hand, had a completely different history. They were making off-roach vehicles since the beginning in 1947, mostly for military and similar services. Over the years, they managed to get a strong reputation for rugged vehicles which had distinctive British touch.

Despite the strong history of both vehicle brands, they are slowly sinking down. With new electric vehicles taking over the market, it will be even harder to present their product to the general masses. Not only that, but India failed to meet all the standards and procedures to export vehicles in Europe, which resulted in another enormous loss.