Creepy VR Headset Ads are not something we were prepared for yet. Oculus Quest VR Headset is now equipped not with new cool features – but with ads. It’s the best selling VR headset ever but all the users have to be ready now for something we desperately try to avoid today.

Facebook announced that ads are being tested in many VR applications on the Quest and Quest 2 headset. As this is not so surprising move for a company which basal profit comes from targeted advertising, it will definitely be a pain in the eye for users.

Creepy VR Headset Ads – How will they look like?

So, you are probably wondering what is so creepy about ads? Well, do you know how often you seem to find ads for something you were just talking about with your friend? There are times when you literally didn’t search anything online but the ad for the thing you mentioned yesterday appears on your screen. All of the marketing companies deny listening to their users.

Instead of that, they claim it’s just good target marketing. It’s enough to just open the image of something and google will collect the data. Literally, your every move is being tracked – wherever you go, you have a stalker you carry in your pocket or purse.

Ads are creepy enough as they are now but in the future – it might be worse. We won’t know the difference between the ad, news or real information based on facts. So far, Oculus tries to integrate ads into the environment in a way that wouldn’t disturb it. However, this raises numerous questions.

How will that influence young people, especially children and teenagers? How will their parents be able to control what content are they seeing? The marketing has already gone too far in terms of plastic surgery through social media. As it’s all done by ‘informing’ and ‘educating’ to approach the younger audiences, will this turn into a bigger problem?