Car Engine Oil is one of the most important things for keeping the engine running. It enables incredible performance, with the engine running smoothly and lubricates the parts. Aside from keeping the motor running smoothly, it’s also protecting it and preventing damage.

What car engine oil does?

We’ll start the story from the reservoir of the oil, from where it gets pumped into the engine. The oil pump is vital to the life of the engine, so never mess around if that part needs fixing. The pump runs the oil throughout the engine with pressure.

Before getting to the engine, it runs through the filter, which cleans the microscopic particles that could damage the engine. The oil flows to the critical engine parts; the bearings which support the crankshaft, keeping it in place and allowing them to rotate within the engine block.

Pistons are kept clean and cool with the oil, while the valvetrain is protected by the anti-wear properties in the oil. The oil experiences the most stress in the valvetrain mechanism and it is the only thing that prevents the metal to metal contact.

When is the time to change the oil?

The time when car engine oil should be changed is every 3,000 miles or around 5,000 kilometres. However, with modern lubricants, you can even reach as far as 7,000 miles or 11,000 kilometres. Most cars nowadays even have sensors that will let you know the remaining life of your oil and let you know when it’s time to change it.

Don’t forget to change the oil filter as well! If someone is doing this work for you, insist on them showing you the old filter and the receipt and the box of a new one. You would be surprised how many mechanics will charge you for a filter they never replaced.

Can car engine oil freeze?

No, it can’t freeze but it will get thicker and run more slowly through the engine. That can strain the battery as well. In winter, it’s best to leave the motor running for a few minutes on the spot before driving. That will help the engine to warm up and you’ll notice better performance.

Can car engine oil be used in motorcycle?

This one is yes and no. It depends on what kind of oil you need for your motorcycle and what kind of oil you use for the car. Cars need the extra mileage so there are additives in the car oil, so if the label says ‘energy conserving’ you shouldn’t be pouring that into your bike. Check the labels to be sure.

Can car engine oil be used in lawn mowers?

This is also yes and no. It depends on the kind of lawn mower you have. Usually, these aren’t compatible so it’s not really worth the risk. Oil for lawn mowers isn’t really expensive and it’s best to follow the instructions of the manufacturer.