Well, you heard right, Fortnite is bringing a fashion show. This is the ideal chance to try some of your freshest locker combinations. From the beginning, Fortnite is bringing some new things. But now when they have fewer updates. And we can say that we have less new content, we can say that they are first in something. In Fortnite, we can enjoy the Fortnite Fashion Show.

In this competition, we can see streamers who are gathering in the lobby full of viewers. Everyone will judge their style. Once they realized how much everyone love this type of competition, Epic Games make a connection with the Australian YouTube sensation Lachlan. Now he launched the Fashion Show with a $ 20,000 prize pool.

Now it’s your chance to try Fortnite Fashion Show

This type of competition is designed by the members of the PWR team FNC_KKSlider and his brother BunniFNC. Simple you can choose the Fashion Show on the loading screen and you push the search. From this place, you will be in the lobby with other players.

Once the game starts, you will need to walk on the runway, the catwalk. But this will be in pairs. At the same time, the audience will vote for their favorite. We need to mention that in this competition you will have four rounds of competition.

1. Round: skins

2. Round: emotes and skins

3. Round: emotes, skins and gliders

4. Round: emotes, skins, gliders, and cosmetics (at the beginning of this round you will have a chance to get everything from the Boom Box do Minigun)

There is a good thing about this competition because no one can’t be eliminated. Everyone will play every round, and you will get a point for every vote you get. At the end of the game, you will have a ceremony of winners. Three of the best players will be teleported on the podium where they will have a chance to celebrate with a style. Everything will be covered with fireworks.

The main problem with such events is the fact that you have the ability to enjoy in them just a couple of days. But if you miss this Fortnite Fashion Show, for sure you will have the ability to enjoy them in the future.