Home Celebrities Intruders broke into Queen Elizabeth’s estate

Intruders broke into Queen Elizabeth’s estate

Intruders broke into Queen Elizabeth’s estate

Two intruders broke into Queen Elizabeth’s estate. According to some information, this incident happened before some time, but this news came out now. We all know that the British Royal family doesn’t like to share this kind of information. But in the end, they share it.

According to the information, a 31-year-old man and 29-years old woman jump over the fence in the Royal Lodge. Near that place, we can see the Queen, because this is the place where she walks her dogs and rides horses.

Luckily, at that moment the Queen wasn’t on the property. But Prince Andrew was there. The couple was arrested and according to some information they were released on a bail. This is the second time in a short time that someone broke into Queen Elizabeth’s estate. In the middle of April, a 44-year-old Spanish woman was arrested. This information came from Andrew’s fiancée.

This is a startling omission. Everyone was on standby after the first intruder, and now the same thing happened again. Someone will need to respond. For them this is unforgivable. At the first moment, a couple wandered around before someone noticed them and call the cops.

All this situation’s in the recent time makes the Queen vulnerable. This is very worrying and some things need to change in a short time. Because something bad can happen. Specifically, because everyone knows that Queen Elizabeth was in the Windsor Castle instead of Buckingham Palace during the pandemic.


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