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Is Fortnite dying?

Is Fortnite dying?

In the world of gaming, we can see a lot of turbulence. Many times one game can have enormous popularity, but at the same time, all this can be over in a short time. This wasn’t the case with Fortnite. For some time now, we can say that this is the best game in the world. At least, it was, until Epic Games didn’t make some bad decisions.

At the beginning of the last year, Fortnite had more than 250 million registered players. And more than 70 million of them play actively every month. Many users stream this game on Twitch. And they rule there, as the most-watched game, and game with the most streamers. But in recent time this isn’t like that anymore.

The main problem for many players was B.R.U.T.E robots. They were so strong that even bad players can win. All this has a lot of effect on the players, specifically on the best ones. After all that, Epic Games just announced that the main goal of Fortnite is to gather all players no matter how skilled they are. Fortnite is a fun experience, where anyone can win.

If we ask them, everyone should experience the moment when you win. And for sure, some players never had such an experience. One thing is clear, the best players of this game think that this is actually a slap for them. First of all, they spend their time on this game. And now it looks like is not important to be good.

After all that, they make some changes in the game. And from the last year, we could see many changes. But still, Fortnite becomes less popular. In the meantime, we got the opportunity to enjoy the new titles which become more popular. But also we can see some old titles, like Minecraft. All this is a good example of how things in the gaming world work. And how small mistakes can have a lot of effect on the future of one game.


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