Home Celebrities Is Prince Andrew Guilty In Sex-Trafficking Case?

Is Prince Andrew Guilty In Sex-Trafficking Case?

Is Prince Andrew Guilty In Sex-Trafficking Case?

Not long after the case of Jeffrey Epstein came out in public, the involvement of Prince Andrew caused a huge storm in the media. Allegedly, Prince Andrew had been a ‘customer’ to Epstein’s criminal operation where he trafficked underage girls.

However, one of the victims came out in public, encouraging others to do the same. Since then, more girls stood out and shared explicit stories about the secret operation. Epstein didn’t last even one day in jail before his death which was ruled out as suicide.

Considering that many famous politicians, actors and other powerful and rich people were involved in this criminal act, Epstein had a lot on his back. It was a question of a reputation for numerous powerful people. However, the girls started sharing their stories, despite everything.

One of the girls, Virginia Roberts, described in details every visit from Prince Andrew. She went in public with all the information she had. Prince denied all allegations and went ahead with an interview to defend himself. However, his defence backfired and the interview turned into a complete disaster.

Prince Andrew Interview

Prince started talking about his stay at Epstein’s house. He spoke how he wouldn’t certainly attend any parties, while at the same time, there were numerous photos as proof. Prince also defended against the statements of Virginia by saying that he doesn’t sweat. He was extremely nervous and his statements didn’t even make sense in the end.

With evidence of photographs, the witness who saw the Prince in the company of Virginia, it will be hard to wiggle out of this. Epstein’s housekeeper confirmed that Prince was visiting the Epstein’s house as many as four times a year. When confronted, he seemed extremely upset. You can see the details of the interview in the video below.


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