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It’s Not a Joke: Play Games and Warm Up The Chicken

It’s Not a Joke: Play Games and Warm Up The Chicken

The famous chain of fast food, KFC is entering into the gamer waters. In the corporation with partners, they are developing a gaming console with a special section. You will be able to play games and warm up your chicken.

When KFC announced information about the gaming console, which will have a special section where you will be able to warm up your chicken. Most of you probably think that this is a joke. But now we found out that they are already working on this. And this console is in the process of developing.

KFC spokesman Mark Cheevers told that their console will be able to run the most demanding games. On the same way as other high-performance consoles and computers do. But this console will have something that any other console doesn’t have. In the special selection, you will be able to heat the chicken so that the meat doesn’t cool down while you are playing.

In the development of this console, KFC will cooperate with the Cooler Master. As a matter of fact, on their site, we can see the design of the console. Many of you will compare it with a modern fryer. Unfortunately, we still don’t have too many details, but what we can see is promising. KFC console will support titles in the 4K resolution with a refresh rate of up to 240 Hz. Not to mention that it will have ray tracing and it will be “VR Ready”. Which will be great for all gaming lovers.

The heart of the console will be Intel’s Nuc 9 Eksreme Computer Element, which guarantees excellent performance without taking up too much space. Also, we can see some information where they mention the Asus graphics card and the SSD with 1TB of space.

Everyone is hoping that they will in a short time give us more information about hardware, price, and the day of sale. Finally, we will be able to play games and eat warm chicken.


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