Home Celebrities Jada cheated on Will or was it vice? What happened?

Jada cheated on Will or was it vice? What happened?

Jada cheated on Will or was it vice? What happened?

Jada cheated on Will is news that has been shaking the media for a long time. As well shocked many fans. Furthermore, this couple was one of the most stable in Hollywood. During one talk show, Jada admitted to an affair with singer August Alsina. Speaking about the affair, she said it happened during the separation from Will Smith.

Why Jada cheated on Will

It was a time when she and Will decided to separate for a while. In other words, at that moment the marriage was over. Furthermore, Jada Smith was going through a difficult time. Jada met August through his son Jaden. Even more, she was impressed with the young singer. She wanted to help him with his mental state.

As time went on, the relationship with the singer became deeper. Furthermore, the singer once said Will gave a blessing to their relationship. The news shocked many. In other words, Will and Jada never had an open marriage.
In conclusion, these two decided to give their marriage a second chance.

Did Will have an affair?

During the filming of Suicide Squad, Will repeatedly pointed out the attractiveness of Margot Robbie. Furthermore, their closeness grew over time. However, many believe Margot is the reason why Will is not in the movie Suicide Squad2. In conclusion, neither side did confirm anything.

However, these two have been known since the time of the filming of Focus. Even though they didn’t have the best start, a good relationship developed later. Robbie wasn’t that popular at the time. Furthermore had big trouble getting to the audition at all. She finally made it. But in the meantime, another name emerged.

Furthermore, there are growing speculations about the connection between the actor and Liza Koshy. She first appeared on Will’s YouTube channel in 2018. Even more often liking each other on social media.

This YouTube star was to appear in the movie Gemini Man. However, this failed and she was later removed from the team.
However, the Smit’s never made a statement. Although Jada doesn’t follow Liza Koshy on social media. Is it perhaps a sign that there is something there, or is it just speculation?


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