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Jeffrey Epstein Ex Employees Reveal Disturbing Secrets

Jeffrey Epstein Ex Employees Reveal Disturbing Secrets

Jeffrey Epstein Ex Employees started sharing many of the dirty secrets now that the case is open. Don’t think there were any attempts of doing this before – there were few. However, these people have ended badly. All of his employees just as his victims were pressured into silence. Now that the case is already out in the open, everyone started speaking out.

As you know, Epstein’s famous private plane, the Boeing 727 was called ‘The Lolita Express’. It could hold up to 29 people and it was ‘packed for his pleasure’. The floors were padded and bedrooms were stocked with monogram tissues and wet wipes. There was a lot of baby lotion and similar things as well.

Some of the most known people who took a trip in this thing were Bill Clinton, Prince Andrew, Kevin Spacey, Chris Tucker and Naomi Campbell. Of course, none of them knows anything about sex trafficking. However, all of his underage sex-trafficking victims were transported around in this plane.

Epstein’s pilots revealed some details, including the confirmation of the minors on board. One of his pilots confirmed that Prince Andrew was on board with the 17-year-old Virginia Roberts. Not only that, but Bill Clinton was actually a frequent guest to the plane. However, his main pilot was with the Epstein for 20 years so he has definitely seen a whole lot more.

The US Virgin Islands attorney general, Denise George is familiar with the subject. She pulled out all the flight logs since 1988. Not only that, but she requested for all complaints, reports or potentially suspicious conduct to be reported to her. She wants all the names of pilots and all the contact information for those who interacted or observed. This made a huge panic in the world of rich and famous.

Epstein Ex Employees discover secrets from ‘Pedophile Island’

The Little St. James Island got many ugly nicknames thanks to Epstein. It’s called ‘Sin Island’, ‘Paedophile Island’, ‘Orgy Island’ etc. It’s so isolated that there are only two ways to get on and off – plane or helicopter. His victims trapped there couldn’t even call for help – as Epstein had his own cell network installed. He could monitor all communications and shut it down at any time.

One of his victims told that she tried to swim off the island and was still caught. She was raped 3 times a day for 5 months. After she was caught by his security when trying to swim off in the middle of the night, it led her to believe she was monitored at all times. The entire island was closely monitored.

Weird ‘Temple’ on Epstein’s private island

There were so many weird things on his island, including the little temple, the size or a garage. It had a painted-on door and was soundproof. It was actually made so something can’t get out of it as it had a lock only from outside. Around this, there were many weird symbols, statues and things like that. What was the weirdest thing about them all is that he had life-sized cow statues that he ordered his staff to be moved around every day?


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