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Johnny Depp Will Pay for Everything? Or not!

Johnny Depp Will Pay for Everything? Or not!

Police officers didn’t notice anything suspicious on the video of three and a half minutes. In this video, we couldn’t see any damage, clutter, or wine stains on the floors and carpets. Cameras that were worn by the police officers revealed a neat hallway leading to the kitchen and living room. Everything was perfect decorated with fresh flowers, books, and candlesticks. Let’s take a look at the past, Amber Heard and her friend testified that Johnny Depp threw a phone in her face. He also destroyed the kitchen at their penthouse in May 2016. But the actor’s lawyers are aware that the damage depictions are not what police officers remember.

Namely, four different police officers from the LAPD came to the apartment two hours after Amber’s friends called 911 by mistake. Over the past month, the first couple of police officers gave new statements. They inspected the apartment worth $ 1.5 million, but they didn’t saw evidence of a crime. Now, for the first time, we can see footage of another group of police officers who had their cameras turned on. Police officers didn’t notice anything suspicious. In the three-and-a-half-minute videos, there were no obvious signs of damage, clutter, or wine stains on the floor or carpets.

Johnny Depp and his chaotic life…

Amber Heard and her friends have described the chaotic, messy crime scene. But recently released LAPD videos unequivocally show that the penthouse was undamaged and that their testimony is a lie. Depp and Heard are currently preparing for a retrial in Fairfax County, Virginia, where Depp is suing his ex-wife. He is demanding $ 50 million because the article in the Washington Post brings a lot of damage. Johnny Depp claims he lost the role of Captain Jack Sparrow because of it.

The incident from 2016 was registered as abuse after Amber testified describing how her ex-husband threw a phone in her face and ripped a lock of hair. The conflict took place inside penthouse no. 3 in the Eastern Columbia building. Deep was the owner of an entire floor with five adjoining apartments. The testimony of Amber’s friends is different from that the police officers recorded on a camera, it turns out that her friends lied. And Johnny Depp would finally be acquitted of all guilt.


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