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Joint is Their Best Friend: They Like to Smoke Weed

Joint is Their Best Friend: They Like to Smoke Weed

It’s well known that celebrities love to drink alcohol and use drugs. Those who smoke weed always claim that it is harmless and that it is their way of relaxing. Some of them admitted that they smoke weed, and some of them were pictured by paparazzi. Each of them has its own explanation and reason why they are smoking. While almost everyone knows that Miley Cyrus and Rihana love to smoke weed, but some of the stars on this list will surprise you.

Here are some of the star that should never serve as an example:

Natalie Portman

Even if she now doesn’t like to smoke, the actress admitted that she loves to smoke a lot of weed during college. Many fans are surprised by this fact because she always looks innocent and timid.

Jennifer Lawrence

We think that young actress love to smoke a joint a lot. All that because she said that she smokes weed before the Oscar. Also, we can see paparazzi photos where Jen is smoking on her own terraces with a glass of wine.


Just if we look at her Instagram account, we can see a lot of photos where she is smoking. Many times Rihanna said that he loves weed and that she smokes regularly. Which means that she doesn’t have the intention to hide.


We all know that Madonna uses a lot of different drugs during her life. Sometimes she had a couple of scandals because of that. Until today she smokes weed regularly. She admits that and she doesn’t want to run from that fact.

Madonna: From Virgin to Witch

They like to smoke weed to:

Miley Cyrus

Miley is well known for singing, but also for her role of Hanna Montana, but also for the fact that she likes to smoke a lot. She said that for herself, and on her Instagram we can see a lot of photos where we can see a weed. Whether it’s a bong or a joint, Miley has them in her hands regularly.

Kirsten Stewart

A long time ago she said that she doesn’t care who will judge her because she smokes weed. On the Internet, we can see a paparazzi photo where she smokes with her friends.

Zayn Malik

The public was shocked when we saw a photo of boys from One Direction where they are smoking weed. And fans mostly remember Zayn. Who knows maybe he left the group because of that.

Joseph Gordon – Levitt

The actor said that he smokes during high school. Right now he doesn’t smoke, but sometimes he knows to smoke in the company with his friends.

Lady Gaga

Singer said that she likes to smoke in the moments when she writes the songs, weed brings her inspiration. Somehow, no one wasn’t amazed when she said that.


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