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Just try to ignore it – Top 10 sexy movie characters

Just try to ignore it – Top 10 sexy movie characters

Top 10 sexy movie characters are the most deserving that some movies you will never forget. Several memorable roles will not leave anyone indifferent.

Top 10 sexy movie characters – Colombiana Cataleya

Zoe Saldana is great in the role of Cataley, a cold killer who witnessed the murder of her parents as a child. In other words one of the most memorable roles for this talented actress.

Mystique X-Men

Even though Rebecca Alie O’Connell was in a lot of movies, the most intrusive role as Mystique. Thanks to the amazing costume, many will long remember the antiheroine in blue.

Underworld Selene

Selene is a vampire warrior drawn into a conflict between a werewolf and a vampire. However, while falling in love with Michael, werewolves follow her, but for completely unknown reasons. In conclusion, Kate Beckinsale showed a new sexy dimension with this movie.

Top 10 sexy movie characters – Lara Croft: Tomb Raider

Angelina Jolie is great as Lara Croft. Furthermore is exactly the most believable copy of the character from the video game. In both films, she perfectly embodied an adventurer who fights against villains.

Die Another Day

Thanks to Jinx’s role in James Bond, Halle Berry set high standards. So when it comes to the best swimsuit look, it could be her. It’s still an unforgettable scene as Halle emerges from the sea.

Natasha Romanoff or Black Widow in Avengers

Although the sex appeal of Scarlett Johansson is known from before, it’s hard to ignore Black Widow’s role in Avengers. In other words, a tight-fitting black suit says more than necessary.

Naomi Lapaglia in Wolf of Wall Street

The role of Margot Robbie in the film Wolf of Wall Street is one of the sexiest ever seen. The film is the true story of Jordan Belfort. Also from his life on the high leg, including corruption, as well problems with the federal government. Jordan Belfort’s first wife was Denise Lombardo. The second wife was Nadine Caridi, in other words, Naomi Lapaglia.

Malena and Matrix

Monica Belluci is a name that almost everyone knows. She left a special mark in every film she was in. As well as in those movies where she had a supporting role. Among her sexiest roles, Malena stands out the most. Also the role of Persephone in the movie The Matrix.

Elizabeth Hurley in Bedazzled

The movie Bedazzled may not be something special, but you can’t ignore Elizabeth Hurley. The sexy depiction of the devil is something that rarely anyone will be left with a cold head.

Catwoman in Batman Returns

Although there have been a lot of actresses like Catwoman, one still stands out the most. Sexy, tight, black suit… In other words one sexy cat you will never forget. Kudos to Michelle Pfeiffer.


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