Home Celebrities Justin Bieber honestly about his marriage with Hailey

Justin Bieber honestly about his marriage with Hailey

Justin Bieber honestly about his marriage with Hailey

Justin Bieber is only 27 years old, but he already has a lot of things behind him. Under the spotlight from his teenage days, Justin Bieber felt the weight of such a life. He was surrounded by bad people. He was successful but sad and dissatisfied, expecting success to solve all the problems. But this is impossible.

He lost his vision for his career and at one moment he decided to cancel some concerts. The main reason for that was the fact that he wants to find himself. In the end, he found help and strength for his endeavor in faith and marriage.

Their romance began in 2015 and ended the following year. But in 2018 they get back together and secretly they get married just 2 months later. They later had a big glamorous wedding. But the things weren’t so smoothly as it sometimes seems in the photos.

Justin Bieber and Hailey had a rough first year

Hailey already admitted that it was a difficult time for her in the first half-year of her marriage and that she felt guilty. Now Justin talks about his side. The first year of his marriage was extremely difficult because he was struggling with his traumas that he was not ready to share with Hailey. He didn’t have enough confidence, and he was afraid to admit that he was afraid.

But now they have gone through that phase and their bond is much stronger. Justin is constantly working on himself, and he created a routine he didn’t have before. Hailey helps him a lot in all that. Before he would go to the studio in late hours, but now he would rather watch funny videos or something like that. She reminds him of what he is, no what he does.

Hailey is someone who is taking care of him more than anyone. She is someone very important in his life. Before he didn’t have a private life, but now everything is different. Together they make memories like family. Because, before he didn’t have anything to look forward to. His private life was unstable. Basically, he didn’t have anyone to love, but now he has.


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