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Kanye and Irina on a Romantic Vacation

Kanye and Irina on a Romantic Vacation

Rumors that Kanye and Irina are in a relationship start in late May. According to some information they are seeing each other in secret until Kanye divorces Kim Kardashian. After seven years of marriage, those two decided to divorce. Most popular model Irina Shayk and rapper Kanye West were caught on a romantic vacation in France.

However, the paparazzi manage to shoot them during the walk, and according to some information they were in the luxurious Villa in Marbella called The Palace Marbella. In the photos that we got from the paparazzi, we can see that couple enjoys together. Also, in one moment they stopped because Kanye need to shoot his new girlfriend.

Let’s remember, there was a rumor about the relationship of those two since late May. A lot of news was about this topic and the fact that those two are seeing each other in secret. Because he wants to be without a stain in the time when he divorces Kim Kardashian.

As everyone knows, model Irina is alone for some time now, after she broke up with actor Bradley Cooper two years ago. Right now they are in a good relationship because they have a daughter. There was a lot of speculation that they are back together, but it looks like this is not true. Before that many of you will remember her for a relationship with Cristiano Ronaldo. But now it looks like it’s time for a new love in her life.


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